Our Story

Island Love Gourmet is the brain child of Ramon Marshall and his wife vegan cookbook author and food scientist Taymer Mason.
After meeting in 2018 on the strip in Barbados their worlds collided again on Valentines Day when Ramon invited Taymer out for her birthday and she followed up by inviting him out to a Health Expo that she was catering at. Taymer dreamed of  opportunities where the world could see her culinary offerings which she describes as mainstream Caribbean inspired food. Ramon and Taymer started Tay's Kitchen in Barbados which featured cooking classes, pop up events, pizza, donuts and a full vegan ice cream line with 40 different flavours. Tay's Kitchen was well received but after a year of trading the newlyweds wanted to expand their horizons and grow their business on a more international level.
Taymer had a unique interest in developing small island nations and developed a plant protein  with yucca and coconut and plant protein coining it True Root Meat. Her dream was to encourage Caribbean and African nations to produce plant based protein using ingredients indigenous to these regions. After facing that the Caribbean was not ready for plant based future Ramon and Taymer decided to move to the United Kingdom.
The move had some challenges and the couple was separated for three months and Taymer struggled to adjust in a country with no family or close friends.
After facing more downs than ups Mason was not as enthused about reopening a vegan line but Marshall kept giving her words of encouragement for their first few months in the country. Pooling all of their finances together they built a unique brand with quality products that are minimally processed and have mainstream appeal. They take nutritious ingredients indigenous to the Caribbean and repurpose them into gourmet food items; imagine sugar free plantain base ketchup, moringa all purpose seasoning and scotch bonnet dairy free cheese.
They hope to leave a legacy that people of colour can be inspired when navigating the world as entrepreneurs.
Ramon deals with logistics, purchasing and is the head of quality control while Taymer deals with product development and business strategy.

The busy couple currently own two vegan start ups in the UK with the same beliefs and principles, lightly processed, quality ingredients, ethical and functional with a tasty Caribbean twist!